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    • "Ministry is an invitation into voluntary suffering. 2 Tim 2:3." @DavidPerkins27 #holdtherope #jointhestory 7 years ago
    • Christian: very soon every one of us will have to chose our faith over many other things. Will you be able to stand for truth w/ confidence? 7 years ago
    • Because history testifies of the truth you can have that much more confidence in your faith. It needs no other defense. Rest assured. 7 years ago
    • The beauty of Jesus is that His reality isn't based just on experience or a good idea. History itself bears witness that He is the truth. 7 years ago
    • The harvest is ripe and ready. If I'm consumed with my own ambitions I'll miss God's calling and won't be able to see it. 7 years ago

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Here is my new blog: http://www.kurtpmiller.com


Welcome all readers, new and old! This is my (new) blog…

Gods Love Toward You

Most of us have been told, or at least heard that God loves us, that Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so. But do we really understand this, or has it become a passing issue that we look over. This Love is something which we need to experience like we … Continue reading


We Must Wake Up

Today as I look at the lives of some who claim to be Christians and even go to church my heart begins to break. As believers in Jesus, we have access to so much, yet we are settling for so little all the while the Lords heart is breaking over each one of us. He … Continue reading